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How To Personalize Vintage Fashion To Fit Your Style

How To Personalize Vintage Fashion To Fit Your Style

Your go-to guide for buying, restoring and wearing vintage clothing for the ultimate customized wardrobe.

People who love buying and wearing vintage fashion know nothing beats the rush of finding the perfect piece in a local resale store. You know the one, it’s the right style, it’s in good condition, and it just happens to be the right size. This feeling is euphoric. It’s also uncommon.

The truth is most vintage fashion isn’t “perfect” off the rack. Sometimes it needs to be repaired or cleaned and other times it’s the wrong size and needs small adjustments to fit correctly. But these roadblocks never stop a true vintage lover from rocking their newest find.  Nor should it, because the rewards of wearing vintage fashion far outweigh these small struggles.

So what do you do when you love buying vintage clothes and want to build a wardrobe from sustainable clothes, but are struggling to find styles that fit your body or your personal aesthetic? Sometimes, the best way to make vintage fashion work for you is to personalize it. So whether you’re a veteran vintage styler or a first-timer, check out these tips for tailoring your vintage clothes to fit your personal style.

vintage fashion patches

Add Patches, Embroidery, Or Buttons

If you’re looking for an easy way to bring a boring article of clothing to life, consider patches, embroidery, or buttons. There are so many ways to incorporate all three of these items into an outfit for additional flair.

Iron-on patches look great on denim like jean jackets, or cloth materials like canvas bags. While embroidery is a fun way to zest up the collar or sleeve of a boring shirt. Embroidery also looks great on pockets. From pants pockets to shirt pockets, every pocket can pop with a little embroidery. Finally, buttons are an easy way to change the entire tone of a vintage piece. Image a plain black button-up. Now imagine that same shirt with buttons shaped like sunflowers. Now it’s a completely different shirt with double the personality.

Layer Vintage And Modern

It’s always fun finding vintage fashion pieces that look great on their own. But it’s even cooler to create dynamic outfits by mixing vintage pieces with modern ones. This is also a great way to ensure your outfit is vintage chic and not just dated.

An easy way to mix vintage with modern is to think in a 1:1 mentality. That means evenly balancing the amount of vintage you have with modern. For example, if you have a vintage blouse, try pairing it with a modern or timeless skirt. And if you have on a vintage dress, focus on pairing it with modern accessories for balance.

Accessorize With Purpose

Speaking of accessories, no look would be complete without them—and that absolutely includes vintage outfits. Styling vintage clothing can be tricky because if you lean too far into a specific decade, your entire outfit could end up looking like a Halloween costume. But if you don’t lean far enough, your accessories will end up washed out and forgettable. However, the best outfits are the perfect balance of clothing and accessories.

A good rule of thumb when picking accessories is once again balance. If your outfit is simple and monotone, opt for something more dramatic. Like jewelry with patterns and texture. And if your outfit is colorful and multi-layered, choose accessories like solid belts and bags that will draw attention to all the work you’ve put into layering. 

Re-Imagine The Length

Sometimes you just want something shorter. So stop putting beautiful dresses back on the rack at the second-hand store just because they’re a little too long. The solution is simple, get out the scissors and cut your garments down to size.

It might seem difficult and scary, especially if you don’t know how to sew. But here’s the secret—you don’t need to sew anything, just buy double-sided clothing tape and make that piece your own. Also, don’t let other people tell you it’s bad to cut up vintage clothing. You own it. So, if cutting the bottom half of an old 80s band t-shirt to make it into a tank top is what it takes to make it part of your regular wardrobe, then listen to your gut and get cutting! 

Be Open To Unique Styles

We hope the next time you go vintage shopping you find the perfect outfit. We hope it fits like a glove and embodies your aesthetic. But if you can’t find something like that, remember to keep your mind open to all the DIY possibilities.

If your perfect piece doesn’t exist, make it! Sometimes our best clothing pieces come from items we almost didn’t buy because we thought they weren’t our style. So give yourself time to be creative, and take a chance on the outfit you don’t think you’ll like. 

And whatever you do, make sure you’re happy with what you’re wearing!

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