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Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

At Vintage Wholesale Club, we pride ourselves on the quality of our clothing. We offer predominately grade A quality apparel with a mix of grade B.

Grade A items are in nearly perfect or new condition, with minor imperfections like washable stains or spots that are unnoticeable at a glance. We do not launder our clothing to prevent damage. If we receive items with flaws that we determine can't be easily washed away, we donate or otherwise dispose of them.

Grade B clothing has slight imperfections or low-grade damage. This could be because they're fashionably distressed, have small holes, or tiny stains that are not easily removed in the wash. This is most common in vintage clothing with graphics as the images can develop cracks as part of the normal wear and tear these items can undergo.  

Some of these items are over 20 years old, so some signs of aging are expected. Still, we do not include any apparel in our boxes with significant damage or large, un-washable stains. 

All our offerings include a mix of adult sizes ranging from XS to 2XL+. Most men's items are sized M – XL; depending on the fit, some youth sizes at L and XL might be labeled adult size XS or S.

Our wholesale mixes will always come in various sizes that reflect a standard distribution. That means that the majority of the items will range from S-XL and a smaller percentage with fringe sizes like XS or 2XL+.

All men's pants sizes run in the following range: S - M (28-32), L - XL (34-38), XXL+ (40+).

We make an effort to fulfill orders with the designated size based on availability. Customer size preference is not a guarantee.

Orders may be fulfilled with comparable sizes if the prefered size is not available at the time of processing.

Every category, from t-shirts to dresses, comes in Intro Packs (2 pcs) and Wholesale Bundles (5/10/20 pcs). Intro Packs and Wholesale Bundles contain similar items within a category.

Bulk Boxes of 25, 50, or 100 items consist of an assortment of t-shirts, button up's/polos, sweaters/hoodies, jackets, and pants. All of our Bulk Boxes are designed to offer diverse style options and resellability. Bulk Boxes are a perfect way to stock your store with a variety of items in a single purchase.

Please keep in mind that these packages are randomly assorted and may contain varying amounts of vintage and retro-style items depending on how they're put together.

We try to work with our clients as much as possible to ensure they are stocking up their stores with the clothing their customers seek. The larger the purchase, the more flexibility we have to arrange the assortment of items for each order. If you want to learn more about our process or have questions about how we assemble each box, we are happy to assist! 

We labor to make our shipping as quick and affordable as possible for all our clients, which is why we pack and ship orders daily, Monday - Friday (excluding holidays).

Our company ships throughout the U.S. and Canada using UPS Standard/Economy.

The average Standard/Economy shipping time is 5 to 8 business days (Continental U.S) and 6 to 10 business days (Alaska, Hawaii, and some parts of Canada).

We take great care in the selection of our clothing. Our highly trained clothing graders in our warehouse pull items from each category on a random basis. In order to maintain the highest integrity in our mixes we do not allow any handpicking or purchasing of “premium” items from any categories. This is how we have operated since day one and will continue to work this way in fairness to all customers big and small. Our warehouse is not open to the public and therefore the selection is not diluted from local buyers.

Vintage Wholesale Club does not accept returns or exchanges on merchandise due to dissatisfaction with styles or fit. We suggest trying small quantities before ordering larger quantities to make sure the quality suits your needs. 

If you feel your order has damaged items or you received the wrong category, simply contact us with photos of the entire mix that was sent. Customer satisfaction will alway be our top priority. We will not accept ANY returns or exchanges past 30 days.

Simple answer; none!

At Vintage Wholesale Club we have a strict No Handpicking Policy. This means our warehouse is not open to the public. Local shoppers can't dilute the product. We do not accept video calls nor appointments. We do not own a high-end vintage boutique. We do not have an outlet store. We do not sell single premium pieces. We pride ourselves in keeping the playing field fair for all our clients. This is how we've operated since day one and will continue to operate.

Vintage Wholesale Club is a 100% e-commerce business sourcing premium secondhand clothing from all over the world. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the quality of clothes we receive is up to our standards, and we want to pass this same quality over to our customers.

Shop with the confidence and peace of mind that no one else, except for our in-house staff, has picked and sorted our bales to curate your order.