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What are Depop Boxes?

Welcome to the World of Depop Boxes

A Depop Box is a compilation of clothing items specially selected by our in-house team for you to resell on sites such as Mercari, Poshmark, Depop, or in your brick-and-mortar store. 


Pieces are carefully chosen within their categories; we are highly selective with our items and every Depop Box contains exclusively grade A and B vintage clothing. Our Depop Boxes are designed to give you a wide range of options to refill your stock with excellent outfits that will fly off the racks. 


Invest in Your Passion. Enjoy the Profit. 


Vintage Wholesale Club has an unparalleled variety of vintage attire.   


Our wholesale offerings cater to retailers looking to increase their profits while improving their clothing selection. This combination of variety and quality means you can quickly achieve more than a 2X return on your investment. You can stock up on items that your customer base will love while saving money with larger purchases: 


25 pcs

  • $340 Members / $400 Non-Members ($13.60 / $16 avg per piece)

50 pcs

  •  $658.75 Members / $775 Non-Members ($13.18 / $15.50 avg per piece)

100 pcs

  •  $1,275 Members / $1,500 Non-members ($12.75 / $15 avg per piece) Best Value


    What types of clothes can you get from a Depop Box? 


    Our depop boxes are designed to maximize variety and increase the number of options available to retailers and shoppers alike so you can find something for every taste.  


    What’s inside each box? 

    25 Box:  

    • 5 Tees, 5 Button Up’s, 5 Sweaters, 5 Jackets, 5 Pants 

    50 Box:  

    • 10 Tees, 10 Button Up’s, 10 Sweaters, 10 Jackets, 10 Pants 

    100 Box: 

    •  20 Tees, 20 Button Up’s. 20 Sweaters, 20 Jackets, 20 Pants 


        Stock Up on High Quality Vintage Clothing 


        We’ve got something for everyone. If you want to get a sample of the quality you can look forward to, try out one of our intro packs before you get started! Once you’re ready, join the club to maximize your discounts.