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5 Closet Organization Tips Every DIYer Needs

5 Closet Organization Tips Every DIYer Needs

When you’re looking to DIY your space, these beginner-friendly closet organization tips will help you take your wardrobe to the next level

An organized home is a happy home. But most people moved into their current residence, started putting stuff in a closet, and never stopped. This can lead to cluttered closets with no organization. But if you’re ready to tackle the chaos, we’ve got five easy DIY tips that’ll take your space from chaos to organized perfection. 

Follow these easy tips for DIY closet organization perfection:

1. Declutter Your Closet

Before you start re-organizing your closet, you need to know what you’re working with. And you want to make sure you’re not working with too much. Over-crowded closets are often messy and difficult to navigate. So it’s time to declutter. 

Plus, when you clean out all the items you don’t want, you might realize you have even more room to go thrift shopping for items you do want.

When organizing a clothing or bedroom closet, consider questions like:

  1. Does this make me happy?
  2. Does this fit?
  3. Will I wear this again?
  4. Does this item hold sentimental value?

When organizing a hall or storage closet, consider questions like: 

  1. Does this make me happy?
  2. Does it work?
  3. Will I use it again?
  4. Does this item hold sentimental value?

If the answer is no to two or more of those questions, it might be time to declutter something from your closet. Take your time to consider each item. But take everything out as you go. Separate items into piles labeled “keep” and “declutter” to stay organized as you go. And don’t stop until your closet is empty.

2. Measure & Plan Your Dream Closet

Once you’ve cleaned out your closet, it’s time to make an organization plan. Start by looking at the items you decided to keep. It’s best to plan your closet around the items you have. Instead of trying to make the items you have fit into your closet system. Organize the items by size and function. 

Now, with your organized piles in mind, look at your closet’s current structure. Is there shelving? Maybe a clothing rod for hanging clothes? Are there hooks for bulky items? Now is the time to determine if your closet’s current structure can accommodate the items you have. Because if you use the wrong structure for your needs, it will become more and more difficult to keep organized, until you’re back where you started.

Some easy closet structural tips include:

  1. If you have a lot of hanging clothes — You need a rod
  2. If you have a lot of folded clothes — You need drawers or shelving
  3. If you have a lot of small items — You need shelving
  4. If you have a lot of accessories — You need hooks or drawers

Just remember, your items will determine exactly what you need. That means, if you own a lot of hanging items, like dresses, but your closet is currently 75% shelving, it’s time to replace the shelving with a hanging rod. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Even if you’re a renter, there are easy ways to add more structural options to your closet. Mobile clothing racks and even drawer sets are an easy way to add storage to your closet.

3. Utilize ALL The Closet Space

Walk into your closet. Look down. Now look up. Too many people let this valuable space go to waste in their closets. But the floor, and especially the last foot of height at the top of your closet are valuable spaces to work with. Here are some quick ideas that’ll help you utilize these areas and take your closet organization to the next level. 

On The Closet Floor

  1. Install a shoe rack.
  2. Store large luggage.
  3. Keep a locked safe.
  4. House a Roomba dock.
  5. Install any type of drawers.

Near The Closet Ceiling

  1. Install a shelf for extra storage.
  2. Install hooks to hang accessories.
  3. Install lighting for style.

Using these two areas for extra storage is great but be mindful of what you choose to keep in those spaces. We recommend storing items you don’t need frequently, as they will be more difficult and inconvenient to reach.

4. Organize Your Closet By Function

Remember those size and functionality piles we already talked about? Well, we need them again. Because once you have your closet structure figured out, it’s time to put everything back in. And the best way to organize your items is by function.

With clothing, we recommend organizing by formality. Keep all your casual clothes together. And all your work clothes together. And all your formal clothes together. Some clothing items you own may overlap into more than one category—if that’s true, choose the section you think that item fits best.  

Whether you have a big closet, or a modest closet, when you have an organization system in place, everything is easier to find.

5. Make Your Closet Uniquely Yours

The last piece of organizational advice we can give you is simple. Be you! Closet organization is personal. No two people would organize their closets the same, even if they had all the same items. That’s why you should cultivate a system that works for you. We recommend hoping online to gather inspiration and see what you can come up with. Happy organizing!

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