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Trendy Vs. Timeless

Trendy Vs. Timeless

Are you tired of constantly chasing fashion trends only to find your wardrobe overflowing with pieces that quickly fall out of style? It's time to dive into the world of vintage fashion, where you can uncover timeless treasures that will never let you down. Here are some tips and tricks to help spot a vintage gem that's here to stay.

 1. Quality over Quantity:

When hunting for vintage fashion gems, remember that quality always trumps quantity. Check the stitching, fabric, and overall craftsmanship. Timeless pieces are often made to last, with attention to detail that's hard to find in today's fast fashion. It can help to keep an eye out for names that resonate with the idea of quality - such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Nautica, etc..

2. Classic Silhouettes:

It’s giving: iconic little black dresses, tailored blazers, and A-line skirts. Certain shapes have remained at the top of the pyramid and will continue to do so. Then you have shapes that flamed out as quickly as they caught fire, such as the peplum. Nothing says “stay in the 2000s” like a blouse that can go from a meeting, to the club🤭.

3. Versatile Color Palette:

Timeless vintage fashion pieces often come in neutral colors or classic patterns, like stripes. These hues are easy to mix and match, ensuring your outfit can work in a multitude of different ways. More stand-out patterns are great for making a statement, but you may not be reaching for that newspaper print blazer a year from now - just saying.

4. Signature Details:

Pay attention to signature details like buttons, collars, or unique embellishments. Worthy pieces often have distinctive features that set them apart from fleeting trends. We’re not just talking about some sequins here or there, we’re talking about accents that make a piece truly unique that aids in the styling of it, in and of itself.

5. Cultural Influence:

Fashion that's deeply rooted in a specific era might be trendy for a while, but can quickly become outdated. Social media plays a significant role in the fashion industry and can be your best friend when looking for styles that are riding the current trend’s wave. To find your forever staples, try looking for pieces that draw inspiration from various eras rather than adhering to a single fashion period - unless of course you want to look like you walked off the set of I Love Lucy, in which case, “honey you’re home!"

6. Your Personal Style:

Ultimately, the key to spotting timeless vintage fashion is aligning it with your personal style. A piece may be long-lasting in nature, but if it doesn't resonate with your aesthetic, it won't stand the test of time in YOUR wardrobe: you’re the one who has to put it on, after all! So, whether you're scouring thrift shops, rummaging through your grandmother's closet, or exploring online vintage boutiques, remember these tips to ensure you spot those lasting gems.

With a little patience and a keen eye, you'll build a vintage fashion collection full of pieces that you’ll want to wear for years to come (or at least until you buy more vintage goodies)! Happy hunting!