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Mexican Baja Hoodies

  • $72.00

Mexican Baja (otherwise known as a drug rug) is a classic style with potent staying-power. The unique designs make these hoodies ideal for just about any scenario.


What is Wholesale?

Wholesale refers to purchasing a large quantity of our products for resale purposes or a substantial wardrobe resupply. We offer various package options with boxes ranging from 5 pieces to 20 pieces. If you would like a larger quantity check out our 100 LB bale selection and see what's available. Bales are the most cost effective way to restock your business and make a sizeable profit per piece.


What to Expect?

All of our wholesale clothing is majority Grade A or B quality with a very small percentage of C grade. Expect some wear and tear as in many cases these garments are 20+ years old which is part of their charm and unique appeal. Size wise they will come in various sizes ranging from S to XL with smaller percentage being XS and XL+.