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Vintage Graphic Sweaters

  • $75.00

It doesn't get more 90s than these vintage graphic sweaters. One of our favorite categories along with vintage graphic tees for fun designs heavy with nostalgia. Most of these are made in the USA from the 90s with some 80s, 70s and early 00s as well.


What is Wholesale?

Wholesale refers to purchasing a large quantity of our products for resale purposes or a substantial wardrobe resupply. We offer various package options with boxes ranging from 5 pieces to 20 pieces. If you would like a larger quantity check out our 100 LB bale selection and see what's available. Bales are the most cost effective way to restock your business and make a sizeable profit per piece.


What to Expect?

All of our wholesale clothing is majority Grade A or B quality with a very small percentage of C grade. Expect some wear and tear as in many cases these garments are 20+ years old which is part of their charm and unique appeal. Size wise they will range from S to XL with a smaller percentage being XS and XL+.